Article Summary: The Women Or The Egg By Laura Harrison

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Thesis The thesis that Laura Harrison makes in her article called The Women or the Egg is that we as a society are seeing egg donor/surrogacy pregnancy as a chance to create a designer child. Harrison’s main topics in her article are commodification of race, building a designer child, how egg donations are portrayed in the market, the race of the unborn, and the difference between egg donation and surrogacy. Summary In the article The Women or the Egg it talks about how couples who are going through either an egg donor or surrogacy pregnancy. It states that when trying to go through with this process, we start to become very critical when choosing an egg. Couples try to choose an egg that with fit their personality. The infertility industry…show more content…
I feel like the way that fertility clinics market their eggs online is smart but not morality correct. It’s smart to use attention grabbing phrases but also wrong because I see that more as you’re purchase a dream child instead of a child who you’re going to learn to love and care about. I believe that article falls short when 1Laura Harrison, “many facilities rely upon donor self-identification rather than a menu of racial/ethnic options,” The Woman or the Egg (2013): Issue 58. I think that the author could’ve given us more information on why sperm donor clinics don’t require their donors to perform a genetic ancestry test before donating. By doing a genetic ancestry test before donating this could help the potential egg donor buyer exactly understand the ethnicity of the egg. I understand that they might do this to protect the identity of the sperm donor but it’s also not fair for the person who is buying the egg. 2Harrison, “gestation is believed to have no influence on the future child.” The Woman or the Egg (2013): Issue 58. I believe that the statement that Harrison makes here is partially correct because even though the woman is only carrying the child, the child may be born with some birth defects. Some birth defects that can happen during surrogacy pregnancy are the same that apply during a regular pregnancy. If the surrogate mother smokes, drinks alcohol, or consumes an unhealthy diet the child could have fetal alcohol syndrome, the child’s bloodstream can be contaminated, or the baby might not get to a healthy size and weight. In the article is says that 3Harrison, “even members of the same group can be differentially racialized.” The Woman or the Egg (2013): Issue 58. I find this statement to be very complex because it’s a good example of humans trying to build a society that is primarily light skinned. We

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