Character Foils In 'The Kite Runner'

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Agatha: If we all took the time to look back on the past I’m sure we’d all figure out our mistakes and learned how they made us the person we are today. Mr. Hosseini: Adding onto the previous question, I also used character foils to emphasize how Amir and Hassan seemed like complete opposites but in reality they are really similar. Amir and Hassan both grew up without a mother under the same roof. Even though Amir is the privileged and legitimate one, Baba treats him the same as Hassan on their birthdays. Baba gives them both lavish gifts on their special day. Hassan got expensive plastic surgery while Amir got the newest bike and an extravagant party. Agatha: Both Kambili and Amir grew up privileged among poverty. Do you think them having privileges that others didn’t shaped their actions? Or were their actions based on the morals they learned from home? Mrs. Adichie: Both aspects of life shapes the way we act. Growing up, Eugene always thought Kambili that god has given her the privilege of going to a private school which is why she must use that privilege to be top of her class. Eugene also has really high expectations for his kids, especially when it comes to religion. This causes Kambili to be…show more content…
Hosseini: Just like in Nigeria, the political turmoil occurring in Afghanistan was caused by a change in government. The Soviet Union invaded the country causing nonstop violence and destruction. This causes Baba and Amir to escape to Afghanistan where they continued their journey to the U.S. To Amir, the U.S represents safety not only from Afghanistan's civil unrest, but from his haunting past as well. When Amir returned years later, he saw how the Taliban tried to set up a theocracy but instead set up a dictatorship run by fear of harsh punishments and public humiliation. Amir was shocked when he heard that people celebrated in the streets when the Taliban first took over. They were naive to think that the Taliban would end their problems with the Soviet

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