Number The Stars By Lois Lowry: An Analysis

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In the novel “Number the Stars,” by Lois Lowry, Annemarie was told truths and lies, had different relationships with adults, and had a troublesome path from girlhood to womanhood. Annemarie was told truths and lies many different times and ways. One truth was that her sister Lise got run over by a car, “From the military car, then saw her running, and simply ran her down.”(Pg.131) One lie was that her Great Aunt Berte died, “There has been a death, and tonight your Great Aunt Berte will be resting in the living room, in her casket, before she is buried tomorrow.”(Pg.72) They both had great effect on the story. Annemarie knew Lise was ran over, but she didn’t know the Nazis did it. This stopped her from having hatred for the Nazis and being scared of them. Great Aunt Berte was a casket full of cloths and blankets. Uncle Henrik and Mrs. Johansen knew there would be Nazis at the funeral, so they had a plan to fool the Nazis into thinking that there was a body in the casket without them seeing the body, and part of that plan was to make sure Ellen and Annemarie looked sad. To make this happen they told them that their Great Aunt Berte died. Mrs. Johansen and Uncle Henrik lied to keep them safe from the Nazis.…show more content…
Peter was a really good friend of hers, and is building a relationship with her Uncle Henrik. Having Peter around gave her bravery, “It is he who heals the broken in spirit / and binds up their wounds, / he who numbers the stars one by one…”(Pg.72)and Uncle Henrik gave her courage, “You will see Ellen again, little one. You saved her life, after all. Someday you will find her again. Someday the war will end. All wars do.”(Pg.108). The braveness helps her to stay calm around Nazi soldiers and in the face of fear, and the courage helped her talk to the Nazi soldiers when taking the handkerchief to her Uncle

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