Foils In The Kite Runner

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The most evident foil within the kite runner is the differences Amir and Hassan share throughout their time together. From birth Hassan and Amir have been separated due to their ethnicity, financial situation and morals. The two characters have been treated differently their whole childhood because of Hassan being a Hazara and Amir being a Pashtun. Hazaras are socially viewed as a lesser citizen because they are not of pure Afghani blood. Hazaras are also usually servants to a Pashtun because they are not provided with the rights to live successfully in the Afghanistan culture. Hazaras have been virtually erased from the Afghani history, leaving Pashtuns like Amir in ignorance of who they are as a race. Amir shares his brief knowledge of Hazaras…show more content…
This results in different lifestyles that they did not choose but will have to face with for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, Hassan and Amir have also been financially separated as a result of their ethnicity. Baba has taken in Hassan and his father Ali as servants and provided them with a reasonable lifestyle and safe living circumstances. Regardless of how well Baba and Amir treat Hassan, they will always live different lives due to the luxuries Amir is provided with and Hassan is without. Amir’s extravagant life is evident through the mansion he lives in, the car his father owns and the extra materials he is provided without financial struggle. Hassan lives a humble lifestyle as he is not granted all the opportunities and leisure’s that most young children receive. The most conspicuous foil between these two characters is the morals and values they acquire. Amir has proven to be disloyal, and a coward throughout his childhood as opposed to Hassan who has portrayed loyal and brave characteristics. Hassan has dedicated his life to being loyal to Amir to keep him safe and ensuring that he is

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