Character Analysis: Water For Elephants

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Courage is a trait everyone posses although, it is rarely shown because of the fear of risk one has to endure when conquering obstacles. In this world, one does not realize how much one can do when they have courage. Everyone hides behind a mask and tries to be risk free thus, showing no bravery. In the novel Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and the movie Safe Haven directed by Lasse Hallström, both demonstrates that one needs courage and needs to take risks in life to overcome the obstacles that lie in his/her path for a better life. The protagonists in both works show this belief to be true through their escape from their depressing past, isolation from society and, conflicts with the antagonist. In both works, the characters must escape…show more content…
Also, he notices that he has shut a lot of people out and buries himself from the real world. He does not show courage and overcome his obstacles, he did not take any risks. However, at the end of the novel it is courageous of him to admit that he was living away from the real world. Nevertheless, he makes up for all his lost time hiding from the world by escaping the retirement centre and joining the circus as it goes around the country. As a result, Jacob shows courage when he joins the circus and tries to live off the life he has isolate himself from so, he can portray a better…show more content…
Therefore, he starts to become harsh and starts talking all rubbish. Also, out of no where he starts hitting Marlena very violently so, Jacob goes in between them, and hits August back. He does this to protect Marlena and because he could not tolerate to see her get hurt. Jacob takes a risk to save Marlena and which shows that he care about her. However, it also illustrates that Marlena has many issues with her past and she is trying to face the obstacles. After, Marlena and August got into a fight, Marlena left him because she knows that she can not be with a man like August. Therefore, it exemplifies that she is getting over the obstacles so she could have a better life. She gets courage to leave her husband which, results in a better life for Marlena. As a result, when you take risks in life to overcome the obstacles that lie in your path you could end up with a better

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