Valley Of The Ebro Symbolism

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The hills across the valley of the Ebro’ were long and white. The long and white hills, which would later be referred to as White Elephants, by Jig, a character in the Ernest Hemingway short story known as Hills like White Elephants. The reference is a symbolic meaning in relation to her and the operation that was supposed to take place within the story. I believe that relation was in her pregnancy, which was never directly told in the story. Throughout the story, it is supposed to be determined by the reader’s analysis to conclude whether the reference was to a pregnancy in the discussion between the two or not. The story begins describing the scenery of the story. “The hills across the valley of the Ebro’ were long and white. One side there…show more content…
The two characters arrive to this bar. Jig asks what should they drink and the American responds with “It’s pretty hot, let’s drink beer”. Personally, it puzzles me why would he even propose to drink beers instead of water (something people would usually drink if the temperature outside or inside is humid). Too much consumption of beer will actually increase body temperature as well as dehydrate the body. I believe The American ordered beer instead in hopes to cloud her judgment over the discussion that would take place within the story. What makes me more suspicious of him is that he orders large ones, which strengthens my hypothesis of him trying to cloud her judgment with the alcoholic drinks. He could personally know the server as well due the occurrences of this situation and because he seems to be familiar of her by addressing her as listen. Meaning that what he is currently dealing with, it is probably not the first time it has occurred. This would further conclude that he could most likely a womanizer in the

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