Character Analysis Of Robyn Hode's Tale Of The Knight

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First Fitt: Robyn Hode sends Little Johnn forth to find someone to have dinner with him. Johnn finds him a poor and sad knight and when they finish dinner, Robyn asks him to pay for it. The knight only has ten schillings so Robyn forgets about the debt. Robyn asks why his clothes are so threadbare and the knight explains his son accidently killed a knight and a squire in a joust whereupon he was taken prisoner. The knight’s goods were sold and he had to borrow 400 pounds from Saint Mary’s Abbey. His friends pretend they do not know him and will not help him, so Robyn lends him 400 pounds and gives him new clothes and a saddled horse. Little Johnn goes with the knight, as it is shameful for a knight not to have a squire or page. Second Fitt: The abbot and his company hope the knight will not show up, so they can take his lands, but he shows up at the last moment anyway. The knight pretends he does not have the money yet and begs for more time to pay back. The knight reveals he lied to the abbot, gives him the money and tells him that he would have rewarded him if he had been courteous and merciful. The knight…show more content…
After half a year an old man advises him to dress up like a monk with five of his best knights. He goes into the Green Wood, where Robyn stops him and takes half of his money. The ‘monk’ gives Robyn a letter with the king’s seal, saying the king invites him to have dinner with him. Robyn thanks the monk for the news and invites him to have dinner with him. After dinner, they organise an archery contest in which the person that misses the target gets hit. Robyn misses his last shot so the king hits him so hard, he knocks him to the ground. The king is about to shoot, but Robyn and Rychard recognise him and kneel. The king likes Robyn and his men and asks them to come with him to

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