He Saved Me Character Analysis

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Index 1. He Saved Me, Favor He Gave Me 2. Chosen 3. GOD come 1st 4. What I know, What I want 5. Flowers 6. My Mother 7. Sometime 8. Flip Flop 9. You've got to find him for yourself 10. Power 11. Obey 12. A gift for you 13. I found just what I was looking for 14. My Strength 15. Being thankful for what you got 16. Jesus is my inspiration 17. My dad 18. My protector, My savior 19. Follow your dreams 20. Woman strong 21. Motherly love 22. My eyes are open 23. Happier than I've ever been 24. I love my GOD 25. Beauty 26. I'm in love 27. The fear of the lord is upon me 28. Grace and mercy 29. There is no place I rather be, other than heaven ( Happier than I've ever been) 30. A Perfect man 31. I saw a vision ( He said not yet)…show more content…
You finally realize You're getting nothing out of it. So you pray to GOD t help you quit. By then you've hit rock bottom Everything you had is gone Trying to make a come back The recovery road seem so long. Realizing what family and loved ones Been saying all the time, you wanted To continue to indulge and get high Time and time again you wanted to stop, But the enemyloved seeing you drop From the top Beginning to feel like you're not living right GOD is a healer, he'll battle your fight. You began to slowly see a breakthru GOD cleared you up and made a new you. As you think GOD for what he has done for you. You are now a believer and what GOD say you do. He saved me 2-8-1999 63 years of marriage "2008" Mrs. Cora Lee McLean- deaconess Humble mother and wife She love the Lord and cherish Her husband and family for life James T. McLean- Chairman Husband- Father Devoted to your wife and duly noted. Together Mr. And Mrs. James T. McLean and Cora Lee McLean 2 hearts that has become one 63 years of Love Happiness and fun May GOD continue to bless your marriage GOD has blessed the two of you as

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