Adolf Hitler's Utopia

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Throughout history mankind have tried and failed to create utopia. Deviating from the norm and opposing the constructs of society some were considered imbeciles while others were considered geniuses. Those who gained traction were placed on pedestals. They stood above all others, exalted as gods creating heaven on earth. But men cannot be gods and history shows that when they try to be horrors are committed against those who oppose them - those who do not fit in their heavenly kingdom. In 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power in what was then a poverty stricken Germany affected by both the global economic crisis and World War 1. The German people were in need of someone who dared to question the Weimar republic and to radically change it. It…show more content…
They must be equal and they must share what they have. A perfect social order Hitler knew never would prevail without his interference. He thought that for the world to be perfect, only perfect people should inhabit it and superior men rule it. A utopian kingdom wherein everyone acts and thinks alike and those who do not are eradicated. Hitler was sure that his utopian ideology would lead to a stronger Germany but only if those he deemed worthy lived according to the social order he created. Liberty could therefor never persist in Hitler’s utopia since exercising basic individual rights like free will, speech and thought was incoherent with his vision. A vision Hitler and his henchmen with the use of power and propaganda sadly managed to instill in contemporary…show more content…
What one might love, another loathes and the utopia I envision is therefore elusive. Perhaps the greatest utopia would be if we all were to realize this. That each of our perfect worlds is no more than figments of imagination and that our happiness depends solely upon our dispositions and not our circumstances. We should not look at the world in despair and we should not hope for utopia for it will never happen. But why not aim higher? Why call utopia a fallacy when it seems like settling for less? In troubled times we are not wrong to ask ourselves why we seem unable to do better. We should always strive for happiness and prosperity but never utopia. Because every utopia faces the same problem: What shall be done with those who do not fit in? Although not particularly viable, Hitler did bring forth a solution. A solution that meant killing those he deemed unfit to live in his new glorious utopian Germany. A Germany inhabited by tall, blond, blue-eyed, Nordic-German men. The type of human being he considered perfect and obedient. In order to create an Aryan based utopia Hitler’s terror spread beyond the borders of Germany and throughout Europe. Hitler outlawed interracial marriage, eradicated the Christian belief and killed six million Jews just for the sake of

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