The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing In India

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Outsourcing is the process of assigning business tasks or processes of a company to an external agency which specialise in a certain field in order to enhance service quality, reduce labor costs and utilizing resources. Normally outsourcing are offered to organisations located in other countries as some countries expertise in certain field for instance security. A company should consider the pros and cons to outsource before making a decision as it can be a deciding factor whether a company should outsource or not. Although outsourcing could net a wide array of benefits to an organisation, it could also pose threats or difficulties if it is not properly managed or outsourced to a reliable service provider. When it comes to company security, it is very important to make a right decision whether to outsource or not as it may not always be favourable to a company.…show more content…
Outsourcing have the ability to increase a company profits by saving a huge sum of money which has to do with labour cost. Usually companies will outsource to a country which has lower labour cost such as India. India have the most advanced knowledge and technologies in terms of information technology as they are one of the leaders in terms of IT. Plus, outsourcing to India not only will increase the quality of the computer security while also reduce in labour cost as it is not expensive. Companies may save a lot of money in terms on training and hiring employees as it will cost quite an amount of

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