Character Analysis: A View From The Bridge

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This compelling short story that takes place in the 21 century is about Eddie Proffit, a boy with ADD, and how he deals with school with his short attention span. After having his father and his best friend, Billy, pass away, the author depicts how Eddie deals with school with his thoughts and his actions with ADD. Eddie portrays how he thinks and the effects of ADD while he doesn’t back down when he’s trying to make a point The meaningful idea is that disabilities that affect people aren’t things you can just abandon or separate from people. I feel like people think that you can forget about disabilities and that you can’t let your disability define who you are, but it’s more than that. I think disabilities define how people feel and experience…show more content…
Eddie portrays how a kid having a messy room is a whole bunch of projects where they do projects and start another one and deal with everyone one of them when they can. Eddie connects this to how it’s like in his head and how he thinks because of ADD. I think that Eddie can’t ignore the facts that he has ADD because he mentions it a number of times. When you treat someone’s disabilities as something separate from someone, you deny the overwhelming significance and power of those experiences in that person’s…show more content…
It’s something that I’ve personally never have seen before and it gives me a sense of what he’s capable of doing. Eddie mentions how he does a trick that all ADD folks should know. When he’s arguing about what he thinks, he has to find a simple thought and stick to it like how he keeps asking for someone to give him a reason why they should censor books that isn’t a religious reason. No one has an answer to

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