W. E. B Dubois The Talented Wealth Analysis

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In the Talented Tenth by W.E.B. Du Bois, he argues that having higher education for African Americans is a huge step for growth. He states “to attempt to establish any sort of a system of common and industrial training, without first providing for the higher training of the very best teachers”. Which means how would African Americans become smarter and wiser without the help of good teachers. When you hire inadequate teachers it does not help this race to grow but halts it. DuBois strongly believed that African Americans need standard training to be able to reach their potential in becoming a great leader for this race and in life. He argues that the “ten percent must be afforded higher education if progress is to made. The ten percent will then constitute leaders that effectively initiate change though their leadership” (Dubois 9). I believe he met that everybody should have a chance in having a higher education but only the talented “ten percent” will be leaders. Du Bois believes in academic education was way more important than trade education. He felt as if trade education kept African Americans from growing and trapped them in lower social and economic classes. He wanted African Americans to demand respect and fight for what they deserve. Du Bois believed that education didn’t teach how to work but it taught you about life. He believed that Negro colleges should train men to be…show more content…
Washington whole heartily believes in industrial development and education. He believes the value of industrial training and believes that it’s being overlooked. He says “there were young men educated in foreign tongues but few in carpentry or in mechanical or architectural drawings. Many were trained in Latin but few as engineers and blacksmiths” (Washington 1). Clearly he believes that having these techniques is far greater then knowing Latin etc. He believes that book education leaves men and women weak and not

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