Chapter 9 Of The Gospel Of John

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Luke chapter nine is a collection of stories of Jesus’s miracles and Jesus sending out his followers into the world. The chapter mainly focuses on Jesus’s character as both the prophet and Messiah, and the responses of his disciples. In this chapter the stories can be grouped into five spectacles. Each of the spectacles intertwines in the manner of Jesus’ preparation of sending out his twelve disciples, and ending with Jesus’ ministry on his journey to Jerusalem. Chapter nine in the Gospel of John holds such valuable captivating purpose and meaning through every detail, which is truly intended for the comprehension and knowledge of every individual in need of God’s agapic love. Jesus began by calling his twelve disciples together and gave them,…show more content…
Jesus is instantly moved with sympathy has he hears the agonizing words of the Father, seeing the distress of his son. Although what is most important to gather from the situation was Jesus being moved by the unbelief, sin, and anguish among the world in which he had come to save. Jesus dwells in his emotions by stating, “You faithless and corrupt people! How long must I be with you and put up with you,” (Luke 9:41). Jesus however did not hesitate and he, “rebuked the evil spirit and healed the boy. Then he gave him back to his father,” (Luke 9:42). Afterwards he turned to his disciples and said to them that the time was near when he was to give up his life to suffer and die. Through Jesus’ all so powerful unending love and grace, this however brought such great question among his followers. For who sympathized with this man with such great deep sympathy and compassion for…show more content…
Luke emphasizes the divine character and courage of our Lord. Luke bespeaks that Jesus saw his nearing death and resurrection, but he unwaveringly moved toward the sufferings of the cross. The incident that he particularly ran into was in the village of the Samaritans. The Samaritans were very unwelcoming and refused to receive his grace. James and John suggested that they, “call down fire from heaven to burn them up,” (Luke 9:54). However Jesus refused such action to be taken and it can be seen that he is almost revitalized to see men who feel deeply any disrespect for the Lord. To the Lord this meant that his words and ways could still move people. It is demonstrated that there is no place for anger, bigotry, or vengeance among the followers of Christ. The Lord was specifically on a journey for grace and not

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