G-Baby Thesis Statement

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APPROVAL PAGE FREEDOM BIBLE COLLEGE & SEMINARY CHRISTIAN ACCOUNTABILITY DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO FREEDOM BIBLE COLLEGE & SEMINARY IN CANDIDACY FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MINISTRY – THEOLOGY EMPHASIS CHRISTIAN COUNSELING BY DÓNICE DERICO OCTOBER 2015 THESIS STATEMENT Although salvation is guaranteed to the believer, Christians will be held accountable for their role in the rapid moral decay of this country. DEDICATION To my loving, supportive, generous husband, Lamar Derico, my awesome children, Lamar II, Desiré, and L’Renz without whom this book would have never come to fruition. I also dedicate this work to my wonderful “G-babies” who had to give up their time with “G-Mama” for the sake of this project.…show more content…
God expects and commands obedience, in spite of harsh, unbearable, undesirable, and unfathomable situations. Followers of Christ should and will be held accountable for their decisions that resulted in the moral decay throughout the United States of America. The fact that it may be hard to change a culture or condition, is not the deciding factor not to act, for God equipped every follower of Christ to impact their sphere of influence for the kingdom of God. This dissertation will provide supporting examples that Christians are largely responsible for the moral decay of the United States of American and for the Christian; ‘it’s not my fault’ is not a valid…show more content…
The believer is required to share the Word that will change lives. The believer is not responsible for the unbeliever’s acceptance of the Word. That is not the believer’s part. Along with the responsibility, which God has placed on mankind, accountability is given individually. Responsibility and accountability are not the same. A group can be responsible for the group’s activity. Responsibility can and is often shared. Accountability is never shared. It is individualized. God holds every Christian accountable for their individual contribution to carry out His purpose. In Romans 14:12 the Bible states that “… every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” There is no blame or victory to be shared. Individually, Christians will be

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