Changi Airport Group Case Study

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Operations Changi Airport Group (CAG) includes a combination of six different departments to maximise operational efficiency and customer delight (The Changi Airport Group, 2015). The six departments are Air Hub & Development, Airport Management, Commercial, Corporate, Finance and Changi Airports International (The Changi Airport Group, 2015). The Air Hub & Development is in charge to develop and grow Changi as a global air hub by increasing connectivity through certain ways such as, brand marketing and pursuing joint business development (The Changi Airport Group, 2015). Airport Management manages the optimal needs for daily operations of both Changi and Seletar airports (The Changi Airport Group, 2015). Operational needs such as infrastructural developments and maintenance; they are also in charge in promoting safety awareness and marketing…show more content…
Furthermore, another type of outdoor advertising is to showcase commercials in cinemas before the start of a movie; this advertising method is more likely to capture the attention of various audiences. Instead of just sponsoring for game shows, Changi Airport Group can also sponsor for events. Through sponsorship, it will help to enhance the brand image, raise more awareness and recognition towards Changi Airport Group from repeated sponsorship mentions and media exposure which can be local or international (Darlene Willman, 2006-2015). Besides, sponsorship can also be more cost effective as compared to other forms of advertising (Alison Jobson, 2013). Based on the following advertising strategy recommendations as proposed earlier, it will assist Changi Airport Group to narrow the gaps and to improve the reach of advertising. A diverse range of advertising strategy will help Changi Airport Group to expand the coverage of various

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