Change In Kafka's Metamorphosis

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For any who has read Metamorphosis by Kafka, knows that the central theme as the name of the story suggests, is change and transformation. Professor Weinstein said is not only the physical change, but also the spiritual one, I agree. In my opinion the strongest change is the spiritual one. Kafka uses the physical change as a vehicle to get us into the psyche or Gregor's transformation. What better example to impress the reader as to start the story with the main character being transformed into a gigantic insect? "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect". (Kafka 65) We can change our appearances for several reasons. A severe accident, like a car accident, that…show more content…
A person that doesn't smile is most likely to be introverted and sad. Suddenly, after the teeth are fixed, it can smile, and that simple act of smile transform for good his or her life. It becomes a brand new person with a face lightens up with a smile! In Metamorphosis we see a change that is opposite to this example, a change that left us alone in the world, in our world. People is use to see us in a specific way, behave in a certain way, and take us for granted. As is the case of Gregor's family, "Gregor had earned so much money that he was able to meet the expenses of the whole household and did so. They had simply got used to it, both the family and Gregor; the money was gratefully accepted and gladly given, but there was no special uprush of warm feeling." (Kafka 95) A woman that married young and devoted herself to her husband and children, and suddenly wants to educate herself and become a career woman, would transform into an alien form (an insect) in the eyes or her husband and children as much as Gregor did. A homosexual that decides to embrace his or her sexuality, that has a conservative family and lives into a rigorous society will become alienated with the transformation, with the change, as much as Gregor
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