Personal Narrative: In The Chef Program

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In this stage, Erikson believes that children between the ages of 3-5, start to exert power over their environment. They need opportunity to explore their acquired skills, which are a result of impulses. If they are successful in this stage, children obtain a sense of purpose, although if they fail, guilt may arise. An event from my pre-school days was riding my bike; which gave me the opportunity to explore my motor skills within a new environment. I had the ability to explore my impulses, whether it be choosing to ride my bike along in circles or simply in a straightforward direction, I was free to roam around in close approximately in the eyes of my caregiver. Through trial and error, it gave me a learning experience. I constantly fell down,…show more content…
When I was 12, In the “You’re the Chef” program, it introduced me to learn about culinary arts and prepare nutritious meals. I believed this was the career path as I was going to pursue, however a second trip to India within that year, opened my eyes to a new perspective. By gaining an outlook on social justice issues such as poverty and abuse, I happened to think about the lack of awareness within the community. Such threats to developments were tolerated, as there was a definite visibility between the rich and poor, while abuse was looked upon as typical behavior. I took what I saw in India as a learning opportunity, and eagerly thought I should further look into careers which deal with humanities. My learning experience lead me to want to pursue a lifelong career in social work. I took the necessary courses in high school, such as social sciences and humanities that aid in my development with understanding human behavior. My career path changed and I had a clear vision of who I wanted to see myself as, and where my priorities and goals sat. This experience helped mold me into a unique individual and gain a sense of my

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