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Boeing is an American multinational corporation that creates aircrafts for some of the biggest airplane companies in the world. Boeing is a top U.S. exporter. It supports airlines and government countries in 150 countries. Some of the products offered include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance- based logistics and training. The Boeing stock is apart of the Dow jones industrial average. The president of this company is Dennis Mullenburg. This company is divided in 5 primary groups which include: commercial airplanes, boeing defense, space and security. The company has a rich history in aerospace and innovation. Boeing continues to create new products to cater to their…show more content…
Non-U.S. companies such as BAE Systems and Airbus Group. The Company is subject to various U.S. government investigations, from which civil, criminal or administrative proceedings could result or have resulted in the past. Boeing’s profit margin has been decreasing each year since 2012 and this means the company has….. In 2012, the profit margin is 15.9%. In 2013, the profit margin dropped .5% to 15.4%. Finally, the profit margin has dropped to 15.1%. If this trend continues the company could end up with an even smaller profit margin and seem less attractive to investors. The asset turnover for this company is very good at 0.97 in 2012 and for the last two years it has stayed at .95 which shows that the company is doing well at…. Financial leverage of this company is small. The interest payments to boeing are not high. The company’s liquidity is 1.17. It has good short term

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