Essay On Jury System Vs Inquisitorial System

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Both the Adversarial System and the Inquisitorial System have their advantages, and their disadvantages. For a short summary, the Adversarial System is used in Common Law, while the Inquisitorial System is most commonly used in Civil Law (although it has been used in nearly every other legal system as well). In both systems, police have the right to arrest and detail people. Both systems also have the role of the prosecutor as someone who helps gather evidence against the alleged criminal, and in both systems the defense plays the role of trying to get their defendant free, whether it be through being found not-guilty, or being acquitted. The goal of a trial in both systems is to find the truth, and when there is a jury, both systems use a lottery system to select random people to serve. However, the advantages and the disadvantages for each are in the minor details.…show more content…
Also, respecting the defendant's rights are a main focus, which is important in providing a fair trial. The advantages to the Adversarial System are the issues of the Combat Effect and the Wealth Effect. The Combat Effect "allows for truth-impairing procedures to suppress and distort the truth, with the goal being to 'win' the courtroom struggle" (Dammer, Albanese 2013). The Wealth Effect is "the enormous advantage help by those who can afford to hire skilled attorneys and pay for investigators" (Dammer, Albanese 2013). In addition to these, the defense and the prosecutor only have to present evidence that is favorable to them, and the trials are often long and drawn out because of all of the legal processes within the Adversarial

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