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The Noble Class had their own views of the this idealized Florence. The difference was that not all Noble class families had money, giving another vision of Florence from those who wealth. To understand where these ideals come from, we take a look at the works of Leon Battista Alberti , who described how the Florentine family should be constructed and maintained. Alberti describes these idealized conditions to his son Lionardo with in his book The Family in Renaissance Florence Book Three. With the book, we began to see Alberti paint a picture of where many of the Noble Class come from, as the men from his family's house, the Gianozzo house, had always come from a bloodline of high praise and honor . Even though Alberti had come from a prestigious…show more content…
The idealized man of the family would have strong work ethic, gaining his knowledge from first hand work experience within a field rather than it being handed down to him through his father. The modern family man within Florence needed go his own knowledge rather than the word of others, providing a reasons that goes with a demonstration of what he knows, so that he can use his possessions when they needed, rather than being a spendthrift . Alberti believed that to purchase items when they were not a necessity is of a wasteful nature and bad economy , the continuation of this idea is spread throughout his book, coming back to the same point every time, that wasteful spending ruins ones family. The continued critiquing of Noblemen with power who abuse it to gain excessive amounts of wealth, corrupting these pure family values that the Florentine people are supposed to seek. Alberti believed that through riches, power, government, one becomes imbedded in the life of a spendthrift . When you become involved in a life of the public office, it would cause a life of

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