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CELIA CRUZ There are many famous Spanish people in the world. Some are singers, some are dancers, some are actresses, and some are doctors and or scientists. One of them is Celia Cruz. Celia Cruz is a famous singer and often called the “Queen of Salsa”. She won seven Grammy awards throughout her life. She recorded 23 gold albums and had a 40-year singing career. Millions of people loved Celia Cruz and loved her legendary music. This legendary singer was born on October 21, 1925 in Havana Cuba. She was raised in a poor neighborhood called Santos Suarez. She grew up in an age that was still old fashioned and sexist, and it was a time where, in Cuba, women were typically supposed to be teachers. Her father had already planned for her to train as an educator, but her mother encouraged her singing career after she won the “La hora del te” (Tea Time) singing contest. Although she started to train to be a teacher, she realized that’s not what she wants to be and dropped out. She then started to go to Havana’s National Conservatory of Music and continued on to a full time music career in singing. She recorded her…show more content…
At first people didn’t approve but soon she became very famous in the orchestra. Her music career continued on after she became a citizen in the U.S. because she and her husband, Pedro Knight, did not want to live under the rule of Fidel Castro in Cuba. She performed in Carnegie Hall, and after that, in 1974 Celia Cruz recorded an album with Johnny Pacheco called Celia y Johnny, which means Celia and Johnny in Spanish. In the 1980’s her singing career continued to grow as she toured around Latin America and England, doing lots of live performances and TV shows wherever she went. Later Celia Cruz went on to win her first Grammy Award in 1989, and six more to come. Her last live full house performance was in central park in

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