Calvinism In The Reformation Essay

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Calvinism in the Reformation Calvinism is the religion that is based upon the teachings and beliefs of the protestant theologian, John Calvin. Using Lutheranism as a foundation for his religion, John Calvin created Calvinism. Calvinism had a profound effect on the history of Europe and was essential to the Reformation. In the simplest essence, Calvinism is an elaboration of Lutheranism. Like Lutheranism, Calvinism stresses the literal truth of the Bible and acknowledges Christ as the supreme and only ruler of the Church with all other members of the Church equal beneath Him. Furthermore, Lutheranism and Calvinism both proclaim that one is unable to earn salvation. However, Lutherans believe that it is possible for one to attain salvation…show more content…
Thus, Calvin came to rule Geneva in Switzerland where he created a civil society that adhered to stringent laws and exemplified discipline and order in the church, a City of God. Geneva’s rules prohibited various acts such as playing cards, eating rich foods, and wearing bright colors. Moreover, going to church on Sundays and a strict curfew were strongly enforced. All repercussions for breaking these rules were severe because by going against the law, one was essentially disobeying Calvinism, and John Calvin had meager tolerance for those who disagreed with him. Despite the seemingly austere rules, Geneva was, according to many people, the quintessential Protestant city as it manifested the values of Calvinism. With Geneva serving as an archetypical city, theocratic government was promoted and Calvinism flourished in Switzerland. From there, Calvinism spread to France. Geneva was located in a French-speaking region of Switzerland that was associated with France. Thus, without the restriction of a language barrier, Calvinism spread to France. Additionally, Calvinism spread to Scotland. At the time, Scotland and Switzerland were military allies which allowed for the facile diffusion of ideas between the two countries. Geneva was the embodiment of Calvinist ideas and precipitated the dissemination of Calvinism throughout

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