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ALFRED ALDER SPEECH OUTLINE Seminole State College Speech Class Title: Alfred Alder Specific purpose: To inform the audience of Alfred Adler and his contribution to Psychology. I. Introduction A. Attention Material How many of you have ever been to a psychiatrist? How many of you have ever laid down on a couch to explain your life? How did that make you feel? B. Motivate Audience to Listen: At one point or another, I bet you have at least seen someone explaining their many faults and flaws to a psychologist or psychiatrist while laying down. Alfred Alder was the one the first psychotherapists to abandon the investigative couch in approval of two chairs which allowed the therapist and the patient to sit together creating an equal setting. C. Establish Credibility I…show more content…
The couple had a total of four children, two of whom followed in their parents footsteps. a. Alexander Adler, a writer, psychiatrist and Socialist activist, Kurt Adler, a psychiatrist b.Valentine Adler an activist and Cornelia Adler [Transition: Explain Adler Contribution to Psychology and theories. Also discuss Visual Aid. B. Adler was invited to join Sigmund Freud in 1902 which was explained on the website, the Society for Recognition for The Famous People. 1. Adler joined other members Rudolf Reitler and Wilhelm Stekel, they discussed various aspects of psychoanalysis 2. Together they formed the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Adler became president 3. Adler and Freud began to have differences and eventually Adler left the VPS 4. Adler and Freud remained colleagues despite the split [Transition: Show next visual aid and discuss Alderian Schools and Birth Order Theory.] C. After breaking from the Psychoanalytic group, Adler built a school of psychotherapy and also developed a distinctive personality theory. 1. Adler identified the inferiority complex as one of the main factors that lead to behavioral problems in children (reference to his study can be found on the National Library of

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