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The Second Punic War was deemed unavoidable after the loss of the First Punic War by Carthage against Rome. This war in particular was a battle between two domineering super powers in Europe, the battle was bloody and hardly avoidable because of the wanting for more resources, the expansion of their own territories and for wanting to be the biggest super power within the Northern hemisphere. The causes of the Second Punic War are somewhat based off regaining power, as well as taking back what was lost in the previous war, after the embarrassment of losing and having to surrender, the Carthage felt like there was no other alternative then to take back what was rightly theirs, but the Romans did not see it that way at all. Background of the…show more content…
Two leaders previous to Hannibal, Hamilcar Barca, who was Hannibal’s father, made him swear upon a blood oath as a young boy against Rome. In 221BCE, Hannibal took over the command of Carthaginian forces in Spain. In the year 219 Hannibal and Hannibal and his army stormed across the Ebro River into the coastal city of Saguntum, this city, at the time was under Roman jurisdiction, and the storming of the city effectively meant a declaration of a war between the Romans and the Carthaginians. The Second Punic war, then began in the following year 218BCE, Hannibal took his troops into Italy, where a string of victorious clashes behind them against the Romans in locations such as Ticinus, Trasimene and Trebia. But after this string of victorious battles, there was a change in the superior power of the battle and the Romans began to take over, winning battles in North Africa and again in Spain, under the leadership of a young man under the name of Publius Cornelius Scipio. But from the year 203BCE Hannibal’s army was forced pull back troops from Italy and instead send them over to North Africa. These defeats ultimately lead to the ending of the Second Punic War and ending the reign of Carthage in the Western Mediterranean

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