Augustus's Influence On Italy

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Italy, a country renowned for its high-end fashion, is located in southern Europe. It is a peninsula extending out into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy’s flag has three colors, red, white, and green. Red means charity, white means faith, and green means hope. Italy, located at 42° 50’ N and 12° 50’ E., has an area of 116, 346 square miles, slightly larger than Arizona (“ITALY”). Big cities lie inside of Italy such as Rome, the capital, Milan, Naples, Florence, and Venice. Italy also consists of two countries which are independent, Vatican City and San Marino. The Alps are a chain of mountains separating Italy and Switzerland and they contain the highest point in Europe, Mount Blanc. The Apennines, another chain of mountains, is the backbone of…show more content…
Augustus became the first emperor in Rome in 27 B.C. (Killinger 32) His original name was Gaius Octavius and he changed it to Augustus, which means majestic. Augustus spread Rome all the way to Asia and India and he turned the kingdom into an empire. He did not want to be a dictator but he wanted to lead Rome on the right path. Augustus started Pax Romana which was 200 years of peace and prosperity (“A Brief History of Rome”). New systems of roads were built and the economy boosted. More people lived in Rome. Augustus said, “I found found Rome a city of brick and I left it a city of marble” (Killinger 32). He died from natural causes but there are some rumors that his wife poisoned him so her son could become emperor. In 1200 A.D., Rome went through a new era of time called the Renaissance which ended in 1600 A.D. ("Around The World”). Renaissance means rebirth and this was the time when culture spread. Scholars recovered very old Greek and Roman literature and everyone became interested in learning and art. Humanism also sprouted and people started to care more about humans and the society. It was a new path of knowledge where people did not rely on their faith or God. Rome was already very big and many rivals were fighting to become emperor. Rome, the all powerful empire, died out when the Visigoths from the north attacked. Odoacer became king and Christianity flourished since Catholicism wasn’t the main religion anymore. In 1861, Victor Emmanuel II arises and becomes the king of Italy (“ A&E Networks Television”). He was first a commander if the army and in the war against Austria and was given a flank to lead. Victor paid Austria and ended the war. Soon after his father gave up his throne as the king after a defeat in war and Victor took over and he soon unites Italy. Italy joins the Allies side in World War II

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