Carbon Dioxide: The Main Cause Of Global Warming

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Carbon dioxide: The main cause of Global Warming What do we imagine when we hear the term “carbon dioxide”? Some may imagine it as the cloud of smoke coming out of factories, some may imagine the black smoke from vehicles or simply a smoke coming out of a cigarette. In reality, carbon dioxide is simply a colorless and odorless gas that is present in the atmosphere. It is a greenhouse gas that contribute the most in one of the biggest problem in the world, Global Warming. Global Warming refers to drastic changes in the climate of the Earth. Besides carbon dioxide, other gases like Methane, Ozone and Nitrous oxide also contribute in Global Warming. Humans contribute the most in the emission of these gases via factories, power plants, vehicles…show more content…
In this system oxygen is used instead of air to burn the fossil fuels. The extra Carbon dioxide is captured from the exhaust gas and is stored underground until it is needed again. It is an extremely effective method. One author describes its efficiency by saying, “If we would use this solution at every power plant in the world the decrease of the CO2 level would be 40- 50% in the air.” (DEÁK,62) Some may argue that it may be a bit expensive and may take a lot of electricity. While that is true, the countries that contain big power plants can easily afford it. The United States, Russia and China are contributing the most in terms of Global Warming. Every country mentioned above are developed countries and can easily afford to bring the Combined Cycle System. If the countries producing the most amount of Carbon dioxide can reduce the emission of Carbon dioxide, then the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be…show more content…
Lots of new ideas and methods have been created to address this issue. As Carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for many years, the problem of excess carbon in the atmosphere cannot be solved overnight. Fortunately, some new ideas and methods are being created. Combined Cycle System that involves in capturing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycling it to reduce the emission is one of the effective method. Saving energy especially in the cement factory by changing the production method from wet to dry process can save a lot of energy which ultimately results in reduction of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, carbon sequestration, the process of reducing carbon by planting trees and shrubs around the carbon influenced areas is also a simple but effective idea where plants take in carbon dioxide and give out

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