Capitalism In The Middle Class

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The competition in capitalism causes to occur disparities and injustices of incomes among people. The fundamental property of capitalist system is dividing people as classes according to economic level. Rich/poor distinction appears, so, classes are happened. Life styles of people in different classes are dissimilar each other classes. In this class system of capitalism, production of happiness and misery can be possible for middle and lower class. We will discuss happiness/misery dilemma just for middle-class in this article. Consideration of lower class can be also another article subject. Happiness in middle-class is created amply by capitalist system. However, there will be a problem after middle-class’s attaining the happiness. This problem…show more content…
To understand why happiness is consumed will contribute out thesis statement. Capitalism was designed based on ‘money’; it means all social and economic relationships have depended on economical sufficiency in modern capitalist society. This system provides better outcomes in field of health and education attainment because of money’s spread. (Jaworski, 2005 p.20) But, capitalism does not promise comfortable life for everyone. This competitive understanding also proclaims there is no possible that everybody has same incomes, prosperities. Because people had to share wealth in world. To be powerful is key to obtain more possession. In the capitalist system; few people were quite rich and esteemed, some people were forced to be poor and inferiority and majority of people became middle-class (they had middle economic standard). Larger part of people is essential in capitalist system because they are consumer. In the end, capitalism creates happiness for only middle-class of society. People who are in lower class cannot benefit from capitalism’s felicities. It caused to occur a single-sided contentment in society. Sharing wealth and fruitful lands cannot be obtained equally. Milton Friedman, an American economist and Nobel laureate determines how to distribute incomes through Robinson Crusoe’s…show more content…
One happened to land on a large and fruitful island which enables him to live easily and well. The others happened to land on tiny and rather barren islands from which they can barely scratch a living. One day, they discover the existence of one another. Of course, it would be generous of the Crusoe on the large island if he invited the others to join him and share its wealth. But suppose he does not. Would the other three be justified in joining forces and compelling him to share his wealth with them?” (Friedman, 2009

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