The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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The web is a strange place The internet is an interesting place, one can find all manner of information, be entertainment all day, every hour, seven days a week, it allows us to connect with relatives or strangers all around the world, and it’s slowly damaging us. An author by the name of William Gibson wrote an article titled “The Net is a Waste of Time” published on July 14, 1996 in The New York Times; in the article William Gibson argues that soon the internet will be boring, used only for work and lack any form of fun or randomness. Williams argument is also hinted in the title “The Net is a Waste of Time”, he states the internet in 1996 was at a “test pattern” meaning that all the interesting things one could do in 1996 is a preparation for the internets true purpose, for work. Another article titled “The weird thing about the internet” by Alexis C. Madrigal published on May 16, 2017 on…show more content…
The most used platforms are social medias, in an article titled “How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?” by Evan Asano published on January 4, 2017 states that “30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction” out of the nine hours spent online 30% of it is used on social media; this happens because “The social media platforms themselves are evolving their tools and options to further attract and engage new audiences” stated on the article titled “How much time do people spend on social media?” by Evan Asano. In 1996, author William Gibson stated in his article titled “The Net is a waste of time” that the internet would become “something less fun” and that the internet would be used more for work purposes; he stated that humans “have a knack for that” but he was wrong. The internet today has been used more for entertainment, and that contributes to the harm it causes us by making us focused more on the internet and rely on it for

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