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Canal System The Legislature approved building the canal in 1825; which sparked the interested of many business men. “The completion of the canal, in 1828, ushered in an important era in the history of Fulton”. (Ferriss) 1835 the village began the dam construction for the Oswego Canal use and falls extention. “The water power is extensive and can be used on both sides of the river at the dam.” (John C. Churchill) “Several factories were located north and the south of the downtown area along the Oswego River to make use of the rapids and fast-flowing water for power” (Multiple, Fulton, Oswego County, New York) . The canal brought forth life and prosperity to the Village of Fulton with the development of factories and mills. These businesses…show more content…
Dutton, Dewitt C. Cummings, R. K. Sanford, Sidney M. Smith, and J. G. Benedict established a foundry and machine shop at the upper landing. In 1865 it became Sanford & Wasson. 1868 it became incorporation as the Fulton Manufacturing Company. Eventually it came into the possession of E.P. Ross & Company to manufacture the Cummings straw cutter. The inventor Mr. Cummings was originally employed by Dutton & Company as a machinist. 1867 Frank Dilts and James McDonough established Dilts foundry and machine shop. July 16, 1885 began the organization of The Fulton and Oswego Falls Street Railroad Company and was operational in 1886; connecting Oswego Falls D., with L. & W. Railroad depot . 1890 Tuerk Water Meter Company moved to Fulton; which manufactures the F. W. Tuerk water meters and motors, and ventilating fans. December 9, 1890, was the beginning of the Fulton Board of Trade. (John C.…show more content…
In the beginning they produced condensed milk brought by local farmers. Nestle expanded their product production to such items as cocoa, chocolate bars, and specialty chocolates. They also outsourced their talent with other chocolate companies to create specialty chocolate blends such as Bristol Dark Chocolate; which was one of my favorites. My father worked at Nestle in Fulton in Special Products. He developed the Bristol Dark Chocolate; which I have only seen once a year. I wished I remember the stories he told of his product adventures and his numerous visits to Nestle plants. May of 2003 became the end of the era when Nestle in Fulton, NY closed their

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