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Geese are one of the most popular game birds in North America. They are a beautiful and majestic bird. Their habitats are unique and are being diminished more and more every day. The geese population is growing more and more each year. The geese need more space to live and grow. The geese need certain things in a habitat to survive. Geese are found all over North America. One of the most well known species of geese is Canada goose. The Canada goose has been going up in the past century but people are finding things to help the population even more. The Canada goose is known as the symbol of the wild North. Canada goose is also widely admired by many people for how beautiful and majestic they are. When the canada goose start to fly it is…show more content…
They can be found in just about any habitat like the tundra or even the dessert. The Canada goose can even be found in city parks in big cities. For geese to reproduce they need a wide open area where they can see along way. They also need to be close to an open body of water so that they can get away from danger. Various species of geese prefer different things but the most common is an open area with an open body of water. The goose has fantastic adaptability so the goose can survive or produce in many places. Most birds have great adaptability just like the goose. (#1) The Canada goose eats a lot of different things throughout the year. During the spring time they are usually found grazing in big fields or along lake, pond, or river edges. During their migration or winter time they can be found combined corn fields looking for food with high carbohydrates. A lot of times during this period they are in large…show more content…
The global population of the Canada goose is five million two hundred and ninety five thousand geese. the continental population of the Canada goose is five million two hundred and ninety five thousand. All efforts that have been done have worked very good. Where it has worked the best is in the midwest and northeast. It has worked better in the midwest then it has ever worked before. The efforts that have been done to replenish the goose population started several decades ago. The goals were set to bring back a special species. The special species that they were trying to bring back is the Giant Canada goose. They thought that the Giant Canada goose was extinct until they rediscovered it in the 1960’s. With the efforts done to bring back the Giant Canada goose other species of geese were also revived. These new species of geese have become very abundant for breeders from coast to coast. The Giant Canada goose very abundant to many different habitats and they are very fond of public ponds and peoples lawns all across america. Geese are found pooping in peoples lawns all over. Geese cause many problems for humans. Humans need to learn to live with geese. Geese are going to be involved in humans everyday activities more and more because of the geese moving more south than ever before. A lot of species of geese can be found in places all over North America.

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