Personal Narrative: Secret Service

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When I think about all the things, so far, that I have learned and seen, I have to admit that I am scared. I am scared and angry about what is going to happen in the future. Like one student mentioned in class, I want to be a person that makes something happen. But, I am scared, because I do not know where to start. There are already so many problems in the world, huge issues, which make it hard to decide which problem should be dealt with first. The funny thing about these problems is that some, if not most, are linked together. Past choices and decisions that know affect not just my future, but every future generation to come. And that scares me, deeply scares me. It makes me wonder how the future would have turned out if things were dealt with differently. I know little, about what is currently happening to the world. I don’t watch the news and I am not a very social person. So, I am grateful that I have taken this class, because it’s telling me the truth. I am learning about how devastating the consequences of choice truly are. It makes me worry for humanity and how we are going to keep living if everyone pretends that the problems don’t exist.…show more content…
But, in the plot there is a wealthy man (billionaire) who was dedicated to research to try and help save the plant. What he discovered is that it was already to late to try and save the Earth, because the Earth was already dying. He discovered the real problem, which was humanity itself, and he took extreme measures to try and wipe out the majority of the world’s population. In end he was defeated, and even though this was supposed to be a comedy type movie, I found myself almost agreeing with his reasoning. Because, its true we are the ones destroying the plant and it makes me think that if we just adopted or even followed the Indigenous Peoples way of life that things would be

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