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The article “Buy Nothing Day 2012 is Approaching, Could You Stop Spending for One Day?” by Mark Boyle, is directed to adult people, who are considered consumerists. The article targets buyers, because the author wants to change people’s mind about consumer habits. The writer thinks the Monetary Economy’s Fundamental sell us a “Buy Something Day” like “Valentine’s Day”, “Father’s Day” and “Mother’s Day”, in which our culture carry us to buy and spend a lot of money in gifts. His purpose in the article is to show why, people should stop spending a lot of money buying stuff and should change their behavior to be non-consumerist. Boyle founded a “free economy system” groping all kinds of ways you can de-monetize your life. He accomplishes very well his purpose, giving examples of how people can achieve this economy system and expressing his only intention is to change their lives. He also suggests people should change the monetary and material gifts, for some way to rediscover many interpersonal relationships. The evidence the author presents is concise and direct. He uses facts and examples along the text to support their ideas. Considering we are in an ecological era, his arguments sound convincing because he supports ideas like recycling,…show more content…
He tries to convince readers about his own perspective, arguing his system is a better way to see the economy. He uses ethos, pathos and logos to make his arguments stronger and persuasive. He demonstrates knowledge of the topic through the text and, sometimes appeals to people’s emotions. He promises them that once freed of consumerism, they would be able to make your relationships stronger. The argument that is being used in the article is propositional. The author is trying to convince the audience that consumerism is a problematic situation and, at the same time he offers some viable solutions like freecycling, book-sharing clubs and freeshops in order to control the

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