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Everyone has had to go through orientation at least once in his or her life. Whether it be for work or even school, orientation has been something that at this point in life everyone has gone through. Daniel Orozco’s Orientation is pretty far fetched as far as work related orientation goes. You know the drill, it is an introduction to the office, who everyone is, where everything is, the office rules, etc.… The farfetchedness in Orozco’s short story lies in the immense amount of detail that is given about the office. The dry sense of humor that is used in the story is key to trying to separate what is real and unreal about this office. In any office setting there are rules. What to do, what not do, where supplies are, and most importantly,…show more content…
From letting us know that Amanda Pierce has an autistic son and going into great detail about her private life with her husband “He subjects her to an escalating array of painful and humiliating sex games, to which Amanda Pierce reluctantly submits. She comes to work exhausted and freshly wounded each morning, wincing from the abrasions on her breasts, or the bruises on her abdomen, or the second-degree burns on the backs of her thighs.” Realistically speaking, this is something that you will never find out about your co-worker unless they tell you themselves, confiding in you these dark secrets of their life. In this office, everyone is aware of each person’s dirty laundry. They are even aware that there is a serial killer among them, Kevin Howard. “He is a serial killer, the one they call the Carpet Cutter, responsible for the mutilations across town. We’re not supposed to know that, so do not let on.” If jobs told you everyone’s secrets on the first day, you would most likely not want to work with a serial killer. The person leading this orientation is entrusting the new person with all of this known but confidential information but makes it a point to not let on or they will be let

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