How To Become An Airman First-Class

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This Essay is to describe my job in the United States Air Force as an Airman First-class and also to explain how I am to hold a conversation with any and all NCOs. To do so, I have read and AFI 1-1 (7 August 2012) According to AFI 1-1 (7 August 2012), “the Air Force has a very important national defense mission and as a member of the Air Force have a responsibility to help carry out that mission.” As an Airman first-class following orders, performing specific daily tasks related to my duties, and living up to the high standards of the Air Force are among my top priorities. My mission as in JEIM is: supporting the flying squadrons with war ready engines, ensuring that all Gunfighter aircrafts are mission ready. Failure to accomplish our mission will prevent the flying squadrons from completing there missions. As an Airman First-class I am obligated to care for, teach, and lead others. Also I shall adhere to the core values of the Air Force and keep to all Air Force standards to maintain professionalism and respect for others regardless of who they are and where they come from. Disrespect for others not only involves physical interaction, but also includes interaction via social media and…show more content…
I must also be a responsive team member and accomplish my duties in a timely and efficient manner. I must be dependable and responsible for my own actions and avoid the need for supervisors and commanders to constantly monitor, or follow up on my activities in and out of work. I must be a good wingman for my fellow airmen and other coworkers. My conduct and performance must be guided by the Air Force core values and be consistent with the safe and correct fulfillment of instructions, technical orders and any and all other lawful

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