Narrative Story: Frictional Story

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Name: Haddijatou Touray Course: Text and Meaning Lecturer: Dr, Frimpong Assessment point four, Frictional Story. Question Two How unbearable it is to lose a loved one. A special one you have known throughout your life. She was called Aja, my mother and the only friend I had ever had. It happened on Sunday 22nd June, when I was with her in an airplane. She was in a terrible condition and needed to get treatment in London. It all started when I lost my father. I was young and didn’t know the pain of losing a loved one. The only thing I remember is a statement from my mother, which said: “What? He had an accident? Where will I go with my only daughter?” From that day, I grew up without knowing who my father was. I knew myself as the only daughter of a poor woman called Aja. We lived in an inherited house of my late father in a village called Kinyang in The Gambia. We hardly had enough to eat and education was far from my mother’s thoughts.…show more content…
Without greeting, he shouted “Where is your mother? I mean, where is Aja? ”. “Sorry Pa, she is asleep” I replied. The man yelled at me and all of a sudden, I heard him saying “You are hiding your stupid and evil mother from me?” I was shocked hearing that from him. I wondered how an old man like him could say such a statement. When my mother walked out of the room to see what the noise was all about, she turned out to be so happy seeing the old man. “Haddijatou, hope you have given your uncle water to drink” said my mother. “I did not come to see how benevolent you and your daughter are. The only thing that brought me here was to inform you that you are to leave this house as soon as possible” he emphasized. My mother turned around, looked me in the eye and started crying. “What have I done to God, that he is punishing me and my daughter in this severe

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