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In society we tend to take for granted people who volunteer their time to make our community a better place. Especially, when it involves making sure that an adult is there to make sure kids who are walking to and from school get to their destination safely. Without them these kids could be potentially putting themselves in harm’s way by crossing an intersection on their own. In San Bernardino California approximately five minutes from my home there is an intersection that lights up with positivity in the morning and mid-afternoon. On Lynwood Dr. and San Manuel Boulevard there is a crossing guard that goes by the name Heidi and she makes sure that she can put a smile on your face no matter if you are having a good or bad day. You will see…show more content…
I pass through that intersection fairly often and have always noticed this happy lady waving to complete strangers. I always wondered how many people return the favor and wave back. Nonetheless, the weather conditions can vary from rain, sun, wind, cold or hot and Heidi will be at the corner of Lynwood and San Manuel Boulevard happily doing her job ensuring the safety of young kids and pedestrians. Before she became a crossing guard she was a respiratory therapist at a local hospital for thirty years. Now she has been a crossing guard for nine years. I quickly got the impression that Heidi loves to help people. Heidi told me the last thing she wants the kids to see on their way to or from school is a happy face.Heidi also told me that the kids who come into contact with me say I look like a frog with my green safety jacket on. It goes to show you that the kids and Heidi have a relationship where she makes it easy for them to talk to her and as a kid that could have an everlasting effect on them all throughout their life. Not only does she have a positive impact on the children going to school but also anyone who crosses her path. Heidi is an absolute modest lady who wants to make her community a positive place to be

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