Building Volume Method In Construction

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PART B. Introduction The primary purpose of preparing a Budget is to understand and control costs. Ideas must take shape and become quantifiable. Cost estimating is essential for cost planning and budgeting in construction. Several methodologies exist for costing depending on level of detail plus available information. The cost estimate of a project involves the identification, compilation and analysis of the many items of cost that will be involved in a construction process. The estimating of costs leads to establishing of the project budget which is an anticipated cost that should be set apart for the project. Therefore, the budget cost is arrived at by factoring the total cost of resources (human and material i.e. labour, materials and…show more content…
In order to use the method, the building must be first measured by its internal dimensions at each floor level. No Building volume method The building volume method is specific for building projects and aims to overcome the current criticism to the floor area method that does not take into account possible variations of the storey height. The building volume method became very popular in some European countries like in Germany and Switzerland, where building costs are often expressed in cubic meter prices. The total cost of the project will be given by: Total cost = cost per cubic meter x total project volume. In order to use the method, the building volume must be first assessed and explicit rules exist in some countries for that purpose. This report requires the costing for the coversion of of a 5 stoery 10970’s building into luxury apartments . The methodology for costing the following elements are described below 1a.) Additional 2 timber- framed storeys built on existing roof/ external wall structure to accommodate penthouse apartment Methodology for Costing 1. Cost of labor for construction (labor…show more content…
The levels of refurbishment are eother • minor/cosmetic,• intermediate – structure or services,or major The method of calculating construction costs of refurbishment differs from that of new- build project in several ways. the cost estimate for refurbishment of an existing building is generally more difficult to develop than an estimate for the construction of a new build project because of the difficulty in assessing the extent of the revisions required to the major building components. To prepare a refurbishment cost estimate, the conditions of the components must be evaluated and necessary assumptions should be made regarding the need for and cost of replacement. Refurbishments costs considers the condition surveys that need to be carried out prior to refurbishment to assess the condition of the existing building services and the structural integrity of the building shell. Refurbishment also considers the interaction between structural and services work and the issues affecting services selection. The effect of the structural elements used in the building construction and the restrictions on horizontal and vertical routing of services are

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