Mrs. Dalloway: The Representation Of Physicians And Government Oppression

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A Clockwork Orange and Mrs. Dalloway: The Representation of Physicians and Government Oppression in the British Empire A Clockwork Orange and Mrs. Dalloway are both century novels in which focus on protagonists who’s lives are shaped by their place in society and how they come to encounter physicians who change their lives in not necessarily good ways. Although the protagonists play a significant role in the development of the stories the doctors are the main focus’ in which drive the stories to really evolve on a deeper level. The doctors in both books challenge the representation that doctor’s hold in today’s society which makes them both intriguing and innovative. The central points of interest when comparing A Clockwork Orange and Mrs.…show more content…
Dalloway the doctors can be seen as significant characters to both plot and character development. The reason being that they did not fit the typical stereotype surrounding their given profession. That being said it is clear in these novels that the biggest difference between the doctors in the stories and most doctors today are that the doctors in the stories were solely focused on their status in society instead of the care and well being of their patients. The books emphasized the power the British government had at the time in which made doctors seek their approval. The doctor’s maltreatment of their patients also reflected the government’s oppression upon it’s people in the sense that once someone’s free will is taken from them, they will oblige to whatever you tell them in order to be cured or protected. Another aspect considered was the lack of healthcare knowledge/ignorance portrayed at the time. It is blatant that the general public do not know much about how the healthcare system should work or they would not think so highly of the doctors given their behaviour and mistreatment of innocent people. Lastly, an interesting look upon religion in which conveys both religious and evolutionist ideologies in context with how patient care is conducted and how it is successful. In the end their is no justification or real comparison to how the doctors conducted themselves in the novels versus how doctors should behave in real life. The doctors in the novels display a blatant disregard for humanity and act as though it is something that can simply be moulded to serve whatever purpose they deem as necessary at the time regardless of the result it will bring to their patients or society as a

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