Brief Summary Of The Book 'The Jungle'

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Monica Perez Dr. Richard Grossman History 215 February 10, 2015. The Jungle The book “The Jungle” is an example of many thousands of stories immigrants live in the United States. For centuries, people around the world emigrate from their native countries, willing to leave everything behind to better their lives and considering United States of America the opportunity to pursue their dreams. The Jungle, addresses a diversity of situations immigrants lived in Chicago, in the early twentieth century. This took place at Packingtown, the meat-packing sector of Chicago. Jurgis and his family are from Lithuania, and they attempt to pursue the American Dream, but low wages, overloads of work hours,…show more content…
People are having difficulty getting jobs. However, Jurgis is a young and strong man who found a job in the meat-packing industry. The meat-packing industry prefers young men with physical strength, because they know they are able to work hard for 3 to 5 years and then fire them as they slower their pace. Jurgis’ responsibility in his job was sweeping the entrails of slaughtered cattle, meanwhile, he witnesses the butchering of injured, diseased, or dead cattle that are unfit to eat, even though, the sarcastic signs regarding the sanitation rules, fill Jurgis with wonder. Jurgis refuses to allow Teta Elzbieta, Ona or the children to work. He wants the children to go to school, especially thirteen-year-old Stanislovas. And, Dede Antanas has no luck finding a job because his advanced age. After a couple of months the family buys a house, without knowing that the real-estate agent and the lawyer are not being honest with the…show more content…
The man tells the crowd that working men in Chicago are oppressed and believe that there is nothing they can do to escape the harsh conditions they face. He talks about how women must prostitute themselves to survive and how city institutions such as, government, industry and churches do nothing to help. He talks about lack of education, desperation and starvation children face. The man tells the multitude that they must rise up against the thousands of people that “do nothing to earn what they

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