Comparing Women In The Hebrew Bible And The Odyssey

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Women in the Hebrew Bible and The Odyssey all live in the patriarchal society, in which males have the main power and females are only inferior to males. Although the stories occur in the same type of society, the author of The Odyssey, Homer, probably considers women in distinct ways with the authors of the Hebrew Bible, because women in The Odyssey are actually less influential than women in the biblical society. In the Bible, what women do can determine the development of the stories and some of the women even hold power in the society. However, in the accent Greek society, women who are already not influential are usually not trusted by men and the society. Therefore, their influence is further diminished by their bad reputation especially as unreliable. In the Hebrew Bible, no matter what positions the women are at, from the great leaders’ wives and the queen of the kingdom to a normal woman who asks for children and a beautiful wife of a soldier, what those women do…show more content…
Such a deceptive behavior leads to the mighty life of Jacob instead of that of Esau. In chapter 7 of Esther, in addition to Haman lying on the couch of Esther, Queen Esther’s wish to the king leads to the impaling of Haman. Therefore, this woman prevents the destruction of Jew people, Mordecai and Esther herself basically with her wish. In chapter 1 of Samuel 1, Hannah asks the Lord for a male child, and such a boy she asked for finally turns out to be a respectful leader of the Israel people. Without her vow to the God and her dedication to the God, this mighty prophet would not exist and the united kingdom of Israel could be different from what it actually comes to. In chapter 11 of Samuel 2, the beauty of Bathsheba leads to the sin of David and, in chapter 1 of King 1, Bathsheba also leads to the kingship of

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