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The Origins of the Brazilian Army In 1500, a Portuguese sailor discovered Brazil. After the discovery of Brazil, it became part of Portugal and started up the colonial period, which lasted from 1500 until 1822. Shortly after the discovery of the new colony, King Manuel I, King of Portugal, sent military expeditions to Brazil to organize purpose of protecting the Portuguese dominions in America. As colonization progressed, native authorities and military built bases of the defensive organization of the colony in Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil, and São Vicente, southeast, to meet the ambitions of the French, English and Dutch expeditions. The history of the Brazilian Army started in 1548, when King John III decided to create a general government based in Bahia. The first major interventions were the expulsion of French from Rio de Janeiro, in the century of discovery, and from Maranhão in 1615. The war against the Dutch in the seventeenth century, first mobilized large number of people in Brazilian colony, and particularly, began to be a feeling of national defense, regardless of the influence of the Portuguese crown. The first Battle of Guararapes in April 19, 1648, marks the beginning of the organization of the army as genuinely Brazilian force…show more content…
At that time, there were frequent clashes between Luso-Brazilian and Hispanic-platinum. In addition, the Army faced the threat of rebellions of Indians and blacks. The government of the colony tried to organize more professionally colonial army. To achieve this goal, the government has hired Dutch officers to reorganize and structure the colonial army. During the reorganization of the colonial army, the government of the colony built barracks, houses weapons, fortifications and hospitals. The garrison of Rio de Janeiro became the center of preparation for the troops who demanded southern of the

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