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In the midst of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies the largest and the most populated city, at 600,000 inhabitants; this is the city of Sarajevo. Both Western and Eastern styles are represented in many of the cultural aspects displayed in the architecture, including wooden houses, ancient mosques and the world famous ancient Turkish market. While Sarajevo is home to a vast variety of beautiful scenery, many conflicts have risen in Sarajevo concerning the government and the overall stability of the country for centuries. Sarajevo is a beautiful ancient city that was founded by the Ottoman empire in the 1461. Sarajevo has a wide variety of vibrant people due to the diverse culture. The population is mostly muslim, although there are many religions and languages found throughout the city. Another religion previously found throughout the city is Jewish. Many Jewish people became artisans, merchants, doctors and pharmacists. Sarajevo only has about 600 Jews left out of 400,000 people and currently the majority of the population is…show more content…
The bosnian war was fought because of Serbs and Croats living in Bosnia wanted to rid control over bosnian territory. The ethnic tensions between these countries were emulsified when illegal immigration began to be a legal threat to Bosnia. The leader of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, was pushing for a “greater Serbia”. The Bosnian Croats and Muslims feared that the nationalist leader would take their land since bosnia was now under control of Yugoslavia and then become an independent state. This war lasted three and half years and over 100,000 people were killed. This was the longest siege of a capital city in modern history. The two very destructive wars took a toll on the people living and the environment surrounding Sarajevo, around 4.4 million people fled their homes. This tragic war affected many of the loyal and innocent Bosnians and left the city of Sarajevo in ruins.

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