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Pablo Ferro, an animator, graphic designer, editor, director and “master of title design” 1, is described as a genious by Stanley Kubricks. With a passion for creativity he functions as a pioneered in the interaction and relation between typography, motion and film titles. His quick cuts and hand drawing letterform techniques serve as standards in todays… as Steven Heller claims it transformed the motion graphics world. 2 Ferro works are an essential part and contribution to the history of film and motion graphics. Therefore taking in consideration his journey, reputation and innovations is an important aspect to understanding the origins and how it influenced title design. He “designed some of the most brilliant title sequences in the history…show more content…
With this desire and passion for art, in the 50’s he started freelancing for commercial studios such as Academy Pictures and Elektra films. and soon began his journey into moving images by working as an illustrator for Atlas Comics – before becoming Marvel Comics - alongside Stan Lee. While working in animation, I learned to be patient. I learnd that one second need at least 24 ideas. I learned quick and multi-screen cuts, but I also learned that you can only be successful if you tell a story…. Pablo ferro He did advertising and Tv works that were innovative and found a lot of success with them. Some of his iconic commercial pieces are the NBC peacock and the Burlington Mills logo.…show more content…
With his trademark the quick cuts, stop motion and hand lettered motion, he had made a name for himself in the film titles word. Some of his most famouse works are: Dr. Strangelove (1964), Woman of Straw (1964), The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), Bullit (1968), To die for (1995). His hand drawing techniques became his signature style and it is visible in popular movies such as; Dr. Strangelove (1964), Stop making sense, (1984), Bettlejuics (1988), the Addams family: family values (1993), Men in black (1997), Good will hunting (1997), My big fat greek wedding (2002) among others. 10 He also created the trailers of Kubrick’s a clockwork orange (1971) for which he cut the two hour film into a 60 second piece into a high speed strobe light of images 11 and Norman Jewison’s “Jesus Christ Superstar. Among his diverse works along the years he created short films such as; Five minutes late (1970), Greaser palace (1972) and Jive (1976), as well as supervise the editing for Michael Jackson “Beat it” music video and the direction of the concert “Lets spend a night together” from the Rolling stones collaborating with Hal Ashby in which the use time lapsed photography.

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