Hero's Relationship With Maxon

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Have you ever wanted to compete for the hand of a beautiful prince/princess? In Keira Cass’s the selection, America singer never wanted to compete for the heart of prince Maxon. She was happy with her lover Aspen. When she is whisked away to the Palace, Aspen is entered into the draft as a palace guard. He slightly complicates things, as she is feeling conflicted with her relationship with Aspen, and her relationship with Maxon, and she is confused about her own feelings. In the selection, the hero faces many challenges such as her love with Aspen, and her relationship with Maxon, and her own feelings, but then she overcomes them and moves on through the Hero’s journey cycle. One of the challenges America faces along her hero’s journey is…show more content…
When America arrives at the palace, she meets Maxon and their relationship is already off to a rough start. In The Selection, you can tell her heart is still loving Aspen. In a conversation with Maxon, America explains how she doesn’t want to be in The Selection. “Are you alright my dear?” he asked me. “I am not your dear.” “What have I done to offend you? Did I not just give you everything you asked for?” “This contest! The whole thing! Haven’t you ever loved anyone at all? Is this how you want to pick a wife? Are you really so shallow? “Circumstances being what they are, I haven’t had the opportunity to fall in love. Have you?”’ (page 113-115) These bundle of quotes show me that America already hates Maxon, and she has just met him. She clearly wants to be with Aspen, and decides to hate on Maxon because of it. Maxon, unknowing of Aspen, thinks she has some kind of grudge, and wants to try to make it better. But it is very clear, America doesn’t want to be in the Selection. Maxon was genuinely confused, so he leaves. America overcomes this problem by learning to love and appreciate Maxon, and eventually they get married, (she won the selection) and they love each other and this challenge gets solved over the course of the 3 books. These challenges are very small compared to the other challenges America faces while in “The…show more content…
She feels very conflicted whether to love Aspen or Maxon. She loves them both, but in the end she will have to choose. Other than that, she is feeling very nervous when she has to do certain things for her to proceed, such as convict an innocent person of crime. During this scene in One, she was nothing but nervous, and her thoughts were on nothing but the Convicting. “The day of The Convicting I was a bundle of nerves. I was afraid I’d trip, or forget what to say. Even worse, I was afraid I’d fail. The one thing I don’t have to worry about was my clothes. My maids had to confer with the head dresser to make something suitable for me, though I wouldn’t use the word as plain as suitable to describe it.” (The One, p.166) America feels very nervous to convict someone. She thinks about all the things she has to worry about. In the Selection, in order to pass to be one of the final contestants, you have to pass the day of conviction. (When the Selected convict people of crimes.) America feels very guilty about this, but goes through with it anyway. She overcomes her own emotions near the end of the book, when she is happy and

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