Beowulf Evil Vs Evil Essay

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Many forms of evil reside in Beowulf that some believe exist in order to institute lessons in the minds of the young. These lessons range from the consequences of showboating to the wrongness of stealing and the prolonged impact of committing sin in the eyes of the almighty. The beauty of this epic resides not in its content, tone, or imagery; but rather its unbiased view towards evil. Beowulf can be seen as a true take on sin without the negative influence of our over connected world where news of hatred spreads faster than kindness. The story of Beowulf takes place well after the story of Cain and Abel. The son of Adam and Eve are destined to commit humanities first true act of evil. Cain murders Abel in a fit of rage and jealousy. Only at the second generation and humanity graced itself with evil, hatred, and jealousy. This act of violence becomes the catalyst that sets the Epic in motion. After the death of Abel, Grendal's mother came to be. A pure entity of evil that would, simply enough, give birth to a second entity of evil that builds its strength on hate. Grendal's mother retained the same rage and jealousy…show more content…
Grendal, who is rather disturbed by the celebrations above him, is set to kill. The long term affects of murder is very nearly about to set in motion dire consequences. Grendal began to seek revenge by killing many as possible; becoming addicted. He, the son of a murderer, is a murderer himself. The hatred in Cain's heart has now made its way through three generations. The lasting affects of evil will grow to kill and terrorize many. But who can counteract pure evil? In the epic, Beowulf is the answer. An egotistic, self-centered narcissistic 'hero'. He is sent to destroy the monster establishing fear in the hearts of the Geats. Perhaps Beowulf angered god by proclaiming that he was a gift from god to humanity. By angering the all mighty, he was longer willing to protect Beowulf, thus, allowing his death to

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