Compare And Contrast Ivan Turgenev Fathers And Sons

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In Ivan Turgenev Fathers and Sons, Pavel and Nikolay kirsonov, whom are brothers, are complete opposites. Pavel who is self- centered, respected and a representative of the older generation. Meanwhile Nikolay is insecure and walks in his brother's shadow. Pavel has a famous affair with Princess R. which led to him losing himself and scarred for years to come. Whereas, Nikolay is view as a weak farmer and a comical man. Who eventually finds happiness in his farm with his wife, sons, and daughter in law as they continue to thrive into the future. Turgenev unravels that, to flourish in life a family unit and love is essential, without that you will wind up like Pavel, a man alone, desolate and unhappy. Ivan Turgenev descriptions on the two kirsonov son’s by what they say, present the idea that the key to success in life, is a family that loves you. By comparing the two distinguish sibling characteristics, it's inferred that one of the brother’s dominate the other throughout the…show more content…
To get this point across, Turgenev made them extremely polar from one another. Making them complete opposites made it easy for their to be a dominate sibling, for them to see and explain how truly different they are from one another and to show how a heart break from someone's death can bring them together to feel pain but also drift them apart, as one afterward thought about it positively and the other negatively. In a family there will always be someone who you can’t match up with but at the end of the day, no matter how different you may be. That person shall always be there for you in you time of need and will feel the same pain as you felt. It’s up to the both of you to choose how you want to look at things, and if you want to help the other not go through the same road you may have already went through, like Pavel did to Nikolai at the

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