Why Emergency Medical Technicians Are Called Emts

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Emergency Medical Technicians are called EMTs. They respond to emergencies to any ill and injured person. EMTs provide on-site emergency care. Their goal is to identify the nature of the emergency, stabilize the patient’s condition and provide proper medical procedures at the scene and in route to a hospital. They are first responders, the lowest tier of workers in the emergency services. EMTs can perform CPR, control bleeding, take blood pressure, treat shock victims, apply bandages, and splint fractures. They also deal with emotionally disturbed patients and heart attacks, poisoning and burn victims. They prepare IVs, if needed or use a manual defibrillator to apply electrical shocks to the heart in the case of cardiac arrest. EMTs are sent in an ambulance to the scene of an…show more content…
EMTs often have to exercise skill in calming both victims and bystanders. They must do their work efficiently and in reassuring manner. EMTs establish the priorities of required care; they administer emergency treatment under standing order or in accordance with specific instructions received over the radio from a physician. People who must be transported to the hospital are put on stretchers or back boards, lifted into the ambulance and secured for the ride. For the protection of the public and themselves, they must obey the traffic laws that apply to emergency vehicles. They have to be familiar with the roads and any special conditions affecting the choice of route, such as traffic, weather-related problems, and road constructions. They supply whatever information they can, verbally and in writing for the hospital record. EMTs prepare the vehicle for another emergency; this includes, replacing used linens blankets, and replenishing supplies of drugs or oxygen. They make sure that the ambulance is clean and in good running

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