Bombardier Swot Analysis

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Item 1: Company Characteristics: The company was founded by Joseph Armand Bombardier, born in 1907. He built his first vehicle, a seven passenger snow mobile at the age of 15, to increase mobility across the roads covered in snow. In 1937 his invention was recognized and the company, Bombairdier Inc. was established. By 1959, because of Bombardier, a brand new industry of snow mobile manufacturing began to blossom internationally. After Joseph’s death in 1964, his son-in-law, Laurant Beaudoin, took over and played a leading role in the company’s further manufacturing and engineering of transportation products. Beaudoin was also responsible for taking the company public that catalyzed the company’s growth in the Montreal and Toronto stock market. In 1999 the…show more content…
Due to his shorter lifespan, he only lived to see the snow vehicles that are assigned to the Bombardier. This is the disadvantage of sole proprietorship; after the sole proprietor dies, so does the business. However, four years after his death, a new chairman was appointed and another one in 1999 make sure Joseph’s legacies continues. Item 2: Company Characteristics: Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian multinational company which specializes in aerospace intelligence, as well as transportation. It is responsible for manufacturing commercial, business, and amphibious aircrafts, recreational and mass transportation services and also holds a prestigious stance amongst the rain transportation industries globally. In 27 countries, including Australia, Austria, and the United States of America, there are 79 production sites for the engineering and manufacturing of these products.

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