John Corvino's Arguments Against Homosexuality?

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Ivan Wong Daniel Star Introduction to Ethics Homosexuality is a controversial issue that has been argued and fought over for years and years on end. Proponents against homosexuality argue that same-sex couples are unnatural, harmful, and against biblical teachings. In stark contrast to the arguments of opponents against homosexuality, John Corvino refutes the major themes of the con-homosexuals. Corvino, a heterosexual man, writes, Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex?, in defense of homosexuality and the rights of homosexuals. Corvino starts off by illustrating the benefits and positives derived from having sex in a relationship, homosexual or not. If heterosexuals couples experience personal bonding and relationship strengthening through having sex, Tommy and Jim should also be able to be exposed to the same sort of benefits. Corvino jumps into an extensive argument against the concept of how homosexuality is unnatural,…show more content…
Homosexuality doesn’t conflict with the world’s general goal of growing in size, as there’s already a situation with overpopulation. Homosexuals don’t inflict harm on others, as at most, harm is inflicted on those who are homosexual. Homosexuality can’t be classified as unnatural; as to define unnatural would also drag along several other morally neutral activities such as eating snails, writing with both hands, cooking, and infertile heterosexual sex into the socially immoral zone along with homosexuality (Corvino 2, 3) . Furthermore, although Biblical teachings do condemn gay sex, it also does shame eating pork, wearing clothing made of multiple linens, charge interest, and other activities that we as a modern society do on a daily basis. Although homosexual sex doesn’t lead to any sort of reproduction, it’s still able to lead to a fruitful and healthy relationship that can benefit both the homosexual couple and those around

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