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Blooms taxonomy is a framework of critical thinking; it is employed when thinking through a topic step by step. There are six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, the six are: (1) knowledge, (2) comprehension, (3) application, (4) analysis, (5) synthesis, (6) evaluate. This six level form of thinking has been used since 1956, when it was published by Bloom, Engelhart, Furst, Hill, & Krathwohl. Blooms Taxonomy can be used to critically think through virtually anything, and is especially useful when dissecting ongoing debates. One of the larger ongoing debates is the debate of gun control. Gun control has been a hot topic for debate in the United States in recent years, and has only gained momentum following the recent strings of mass shootings. An important…show more content…
In order to employ synthesis towards the debate of gun control statistics must be evaluated. One unavoidable statistic is that over 30,000 people are killed by firearms yearly in the USA, out of the 30,000 killed yearly, over 10,000 are murdered. This number of gun murders trumps the number of gun murders in other countries, for example there are 200 gun murders yearly in Canada, and less than 50 in Japan. The United States also has a staggering estimated 283 million guns in civilian possession. And each year an estimated 4.5 million guns are sold in the United States. Out of the 4.5 million firearms sold yearly, 2 million are handguns (GUN VIOLENCE in the UNITED STATES Some Indicative Data). Gun death statistics have benefited from implementing strict gun control. Following the passing of stricter gun control laws in October of 2003, Brazil’s gun death statistics have dropped over 4,000 yearly. Some regions of Brazil have seen up to a 35% drop in gun deaths, and the country has seen in totality a 15% decrease. The new gun law changes included making it illegal to carry a gun outside of a home or business. Another change included raising the legal…show more content…
Evaluation is the step to present and defend opinions; said opinions are formulated throughout the first five steps of Bloom’s taxonomy. It is clear through the statistical evidence and the analysis of the statistics that stricter gun control should be implemented in the United States. The current gun laws in the United States are too varied state by state, and do not sufficiently prevent gun crime. America has the most gun crimes for the simple reason of passive gun laws. Also the more the debate is held, the more people shy away from the side of stricter gun control because of the misuse of the second amendment. The gun law in the United States can be corrected by applying nationwide, comprehensive gun control. Guns should not be allowed to be carried in public, and guns should be sold much more selectively. In the very least background checks should be used nationwide. The United States can learn from other countries in the field of gun control, such as

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